Absolute Investigations, Inc. has been servicing the New England area for over 25 years with a staff comprised of diverse and thoroughly trained investigators led by former law enforcement agent, and owner, Robert Sparks. Our investigative team holds the necessary skills and knowledge to recognize legitimate versus fraudulent claims, operate all video and convert cameras, document their findings in detail, and professionally present testimonial evidence in any tribunal venue.


Our Mission

Absolute Investigations Inc., we strive to provide the highest investigative service to all our customers using discretion and integrity. Pursuing the Absolute truth and making sure our clients are 100% satisfied is always a priority. 

  • Customize services to accommodate client needs

  • Quality performance and client satisfaction

  • Protect client privacy with strict confidentiality standards

Robert thinks outside the box, which more often than not, results in obtaining helpful information that allows me to resolve my case prior to trial.
— Carol Finn, Market America

About Robert sparks

Robert Sparks, president of Absolute Investigations, has over 30 years of experience in the private investigation industry. Robert is certified in Accident Reconstruction, Advanced Crash Investigation, At-scene Crash / Traffic Homicide Investigation, and photogrammetry. As an expert in photogrammetry, Robert and his team utilize the latest GPS, CCTV, and surveillance technologies to support successful investigations across a magnitude of levels – from multi-vehicular road accidents to criminal investigations, the analysis of trends developed during the triangulation processes are essential in answering outstanding questions and building supporting evidence for their cases.

In addition to Absolute Investigations, Robert was the president of the Massachusetts Canine Response Team (MACRT), where he and his former canine practiced search and rescue strategies and tactics in preparation for investigative operations requiring K-9 assistance. Robert graduated from the Air Force Police Academy where he earned the ranking of Sergeant and acquired his knowledge and skill set in law enforcement. He also studied Computer Forensics at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. When not working, you will likely find Robert spending time with his family, at one of his favorite golf courses or exploring the grounds of his neighborhood fields with his dog, Lila. 

Absolute Investigations, Inc., is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau.